Commercial Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

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Fires in cooking equipment of commercial eating establishments cause millions of dollars in damage each year.

A fire can be devastating to a food service establishment often causing a cessation of normal business activities for days or weeks, and sometimes permanently. Due to the nature of cooking, the threat of fire is always present in a restaurant. Having the means to stop a fire in or around a cooking appliance before it has a chance to spread to the building is essential. Let Patriot Fire Protection show you the best fire suppression solution for your establishment, before a fire happens.

Patriot Fire Protection is experienced in the installation, maintenance and service of these types of systems provided by well-known manufactures such as Amerex, PyroChem, Range Guard, Buckeye, Kidde and Ansul. Commercial cooking equipment in restaurants can present unique challenges when it comes to protecting against fire. Restaurant cooking equipment emissions contain vaporized grease and other fuels that can ignite during commercial cooking operations. Statistics show that many restaurants never re-open after a fire. Whether you have a diner, fast-food chain, food court restaurant, sports complex, cafeteria, convenience stores, hotels, gourmet restaurant or other food service kitchens, we can help. Protecting the modern commercial kitchen from the ever present danger of fire has been one of the main focuses of Patriot Fire Protection since our inception in 1991.

Commercial Cooking Fires

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems Extinguishing fires quickly, before they can spread, is the best way to limit fire damage and get your operation back in business. The constant changes and complicated designs of most restaurant cooking systems have made design and installation errors a concern for many companies. National fire codes as outlined by NFPA and most insurance carriers require that these hazards be covered by a wet chemical fire suppression system listed to meet UL300 compliance standards.

We will find the best system design that will meet your specific needs and reduce the possibility of errors. Here at Patriot Fire Protection we also have all of the replacement parts, system accessories and inspection items for all types of restaurants and cooking establishments in order to keep you “up and running” at all times.

If your establishment ever does experience a cooking fire, Patriot Fire Protection is here for you with technicians “on call” providing 24 hour emergency service whenever and wherever you may need us. We keep our trucks fully stocked with all the supplies needed to get you going quickly after a fire event, minimizing down time and loss of revenue. Let us provide you with the same “Peace of Mind” countless other clients entrust to Patriot Fire Protection.