Emergency Exits & Lighting

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Emergency exit signs and Emergency lights are important to every business. They are designed to direct and/or illuminate a safe path of egress in the event of a power outage, fire or other emergency situation.

There are many different types and designs to choose from ranging from classic to modern, contemporary to art deco. Most designs utilize modern LED lights which conserve energy by using far fewer watts producing much less heat and last much longer than regular incandescent bulbs. Here at Patriot Fire Protection, we carry a great selection of equipment and accessories in stock to provide exactly what you need, when you need it.

Patriot Fire Protection is an industry leader in the service and maintenance of Exit signs and Emergency lighting. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to diagnose and remedy all types of problems that can occur when Exit signs and Emergency lights go out. We keep well-stocked service vans to handle nearly every type of bulb, battery, sign or accessory needed to quickly and efficiently maintain and keep your lighting up and running and code compliant whether it’s a simple repair or an entire replacement, Patriot Fire Protection provides you with Peace of Mind.

What is emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting refers to light fixtures whose purpose is to illuminate the exit pathway of a building when electrical power is lost. Emergency lighting systems use electricity provided by internal battery backup systems that turn on as soon as electrical power goes out. Emergency lighting systems are hard wired into a buildings AC power system to keep their battery backup systems constantly charged and ready. Emergency light fixtures are placed throughout the corridors and rooms of a building so that they provide a minimum of one candela at 1 foot off the floor along the entire exit pathway of a building. Emergency lighting systems have been required for more than 50 years by federal, state, and local building codes. By increasing the timeliness, effectiveness, and ability of patrons to exit a building, emergency lighting systems have saved countless lives. Emergency lighting fixtures must be evaluated and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and receive a listing under their UL 924 testing standard for emergency devices.

Emergency exit lighting means never being left in the dark, even in the most extreme circumstances! Disastrous weather conditions, power outages, or brown-outs call for specialized fixtures that will ensure the safety of your building’s occupants, and provide the light necessary to deal with any problems that may arise. Emergency exit lights should be built of the most durable materials, and ideally, should be waterproof and fire resistant as well.

Thermoplastic emergency lights are the most affordable models available today. Thermoplastic is durable and flame-resistant up to 176ºF and is perfect for most indoor commercial applications. They can be easily mounted to most walls or ceilings and can use either 120v or 277v AC electrical power. This unit features two lamp heads that can easily be adjusted to cover the desired space with illumination.

For more industrial applications, consider one of our many steel emergency lights. Our steel emergency lighting fixtures can be configured in a variety of battery and lamp head combinations. Our batteries can feature a capacity of 400 watts, which can power more than 30 individual 9-watt lamp heads. Using a large battery with remotely located lamp heads means that only one battery has to be maintained, decreasing maintenance time and cost. We feature similar models in a waterproof and vandal resistant polycarbonate housing for extreme environments. Call us today to talk more about the many emergency lighting options that we offer and to find a choice that is right for your application.

Traditional emergency lighting and exit signs have been primarily focused on guiding the interior occupants of a building to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency. Today, an additional emphasis is being placed on not only getting occupants to the exit of the building, but also getting them to and along a path of safety once they are out of the building.

The NFPA 101 Life Safety Code requires emergency illumination of the path of egress away from the building (exit discharge) and leading to a public way. The safe public area or public way is described in the code as a street or alley or other similar parcel of land essentially open to the outside, dedicated or otherwise permanently appropriated to the public for public use and having a clear width and height

Outdoor emergency applications fall into two categories: damp location or wet location. According to Chapter 1, Article 100 of the 2002 NEC, damp locations include …partially protected locations under canopies, marquees, roofed open porches, and like locations… whereas wet location is partially defined as …locations subject to saturation with water or other liquids, such as vehicle washing areas; and in unprotected locations exposed to weather.

Emergency Exit Signs – A Brief Overview

The most popular type of emergency exit sign that we offer utilizes efficient red or green LEDs to provide brilliant and constant EXIT illumination. LED Exit Signs are offered in several styles and designs, including affordable thermoplastic, durable aluminum, weatherproof fiberglass, and stylish Edge-Lit models. LED exit signs consume less than five watts of electricity and last for 8-10 years. Small, powerful battery backup packs keep our LED signs illuminated in case of a power outage during an emergency such as a fire. A push button allows easy and immediate testing of the internal battery backup. When deciding what type of LED model to purchase, consider the environment of the application, the aesthetic you desire, and the goals you intend to achieve with the lighting.