Employee Fire Training

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Save lives, prevent injuries, protect property and meet occupational health and safety training compliance for your business with Patriot Fire Protection.

Our Fire Equipment training courses are developed by industry experts offering standards-based OSHA compliance training on Fire and Life Safety equipment necessary to ensure a safe working environment. Once employees are finished with the course, we provide a Certificate of Completion that you can frame if desired, adding one more accolade testifying to the professionalism and safety consciousness of your business.

We train your employees to meet required OSHA safety standards with the utmost professionalism and in the quickest and most cost-effective ways available. With both visual and physical aids your employees will feel confident in utilizing your own in-house Life
Safety equipment in a live emergency, potentially saving lives and minimizing downtime suffered from an emergency event.  We offer corporate rates and significant group discounts for bundled services. Gain Peace of Mind with Patriot Fire Protection’s Employee Fire Training program by knowing each of your team members is thoroughly trained on the Fire and Life Safety Equipment in your building.

 Employee Training Objectives

  • Describe the responsibilities of employers and employees under the OSHA Act
  • Understand the importance of notifying the authorities with information for a proper emergency response
  • Identify the various types of fire equipment in your facility and its location
  • Identify potential hindrances to access, availability and proper function of the buildings fire and life safety equipment
  • Understand the importance of reporting potential problems with the equipment
  • Grasp the basic concepts of fire properties and extinguishment principles
  • Understand how to safely utilize existing building fire equipment in emergencies
  • Learn the basic requirements for proper aisle and passageway maintenance
  • Know the safe means of egress from work area and understand the importance of effective egress and situational awareness in emergencies
  • Overcome complacency and fear by having the knowledge to effectively execute in an emergency situation.

Topics Covered

  • Handling Emergencies
  • Exposing potential hazards and communication
  • Fire and Life Safety Equipment
  • Fire anatomy and extinguishment principles
  • Safe and orderly evacuation

OSHA Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection Certification

29 CFR 1910 Subpart E & Subpart L training

At the time of an emergency, employees should know what type of evacuation is necessary and what their role is in carrying out the plan. In some cases where the emergency is very grave, total and immediate evacuation of all employees is necessary. An employer must inform employees upon initial assignment to a job of the fire hazards to which they are exposed. An employer must also review with each employee those parts of the fire prevention plan necessary for self-protection.