Employee Fire Training – Fire Safety Education

Patriot Fire Protection’s goal is to help your business save lives, prevent injuries, and protect property while meeting occupational health and safety training standards.

Industry experts developed our OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliant fire and life safety equipment courses. We’re also certified to cover the entire State of Georgia with comprehensive sales, inspection, and service of fire equipment.

Fire & Emergency Preparedness for Employees

We know the value of being prepared in emergency situations. Many lives can be saved when a company has well-trained personnel, fire equipment is properly maintained, and routes are clearly marked to support rapid escape.

Following completion of employee instruction from Patriot Fire, we present you with a certificate attesting to the safety consciousness of your business.

The following topics are covered during instruction:

  • Emergency procedures

  • Exposing potential hazards and communication

  • Fire & life safety equipment training

  • Fire anatomy and extinguishment principles

  • Safe and orderly evacuation

With visual aids and hands-on practice presented in a safe environment, your personnel will feel confident using your own in-house fire equipment in emergency situations.

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Workplace Fire Safety Training Objectives

Patriot Fire’s professional staff quickly and efficiently instructs your employees in meeting OSHA safety standard requirements.

Objectives for employee emergency training include:

  • Describe employer & employee responsibilities under the OSHA Act

  • Realize the importance of conveying information to the authorities for proper emergency response

  • Identify type and location of all in-house fire equipment

  • Name potential obstacles to access and proper function of the building’s fire and life safety equipment

  • Recognize the importance of reporting potential equipment problems

  • Grasp basic concepts of fire properties and extinguishment principles

  • Learn the safe use of existing building fire equipment

  • Understand basic requirements for proper aisle and corridor maintenance

  • Comprehend the safest way to exit a work area; understand the importance of effective egress and situational awareness in emergencies

  • Conquer fear and complacency by learning to be efficient in an emergency

OSHA Mandated Emergency Action & Fire Protection Plans


OSHA regulations require employers to be prepared with an emergency action plan. You should carry out at least one fire/evacuation drill per year when all staff is present to perform a risk assessment and test fire safety equipment.

Employees should know what type of evacuation is necessary in an emergency and what their roles will be in carrying out the plan.

When an emergency evacuation task is assigned, an employer must:

  • Inform the employee of potential exposure to fire hazards.

  • Review with the employee each area of the fire prevention plan needed for self-protection.

In extreme situations, total and immediate evacuation of all employees is essential.

Please refer to https://www.osha.gov/Publications/osha2254.pdf for details on section 29 CFR 1910 subpart E (Exits Routes and Emergency Planning) and subpart L (Fire Protection).

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