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Depend on Patriot Fire Protection for all-in-one fire alarm system design, installation, inspection, and maintenance. We also offer alarm monitoring services for added peace of mind.

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All fire alarm systems should be tested and updated regularly to confirm a fast response time and ongoing proper function of all components.

Patriot Fire Protection offers business owners fire alarm systems and monitoring services designed around the specific needs of each company and local code requirements.

If you have an existing fire alarm system, our expert technicians can review it for potential issues and make upgrades to help you meet current fire and safety codes. We can even integrate cutting-edge fire alarm technologies such as:

  • Digital voice evacuation announcements
  • Intelligent panels
  • Laser detectors
  • Advanced UL listed monitoring

Our NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certified team will make sure every facility’s system is placed in the optimal location for life and property protection. Regularly scheduled testing and maintenance of all components will prevent false alarms or failure to work during an emergency.

Fire Alarm Systems Serve an Important Purpose

Automatic fire alarm systems detect fire by noting environmental changes that are linked to combustion.

Automatic fire alarm systems are designed to:

  • Alert occupants to evacuate when a fire/emergency occurs
  • Report off-site to operators that notify emergency responders
  • Prepare the facility and related systems to control fire spread

A combination of detector types may be needed in large facilities to detect smoke and fire in their earliest stages. Personnel could be alerted to a fire threat by a fire alarm pull station, a smoke or heat detector, and/or a sprinkler system.

These systems can be classified as automatically actuated, manually actuated, or both. Their purpose is to save lives by sensing even minor flames, smoke, or gas and instantly creating visual and audible alerts for the building’s occupants to evacuate before it’s too late.

Factors to Consider for Commercial/Industrial Fire Alarm Systems

The type of commercial or industrial fire alarm system you choose should be based on a variety of factors like facility size, specific hazards, local code requirements, and proximity to emergency services. There are also special considerations for the system components such as:

  • Duct detector monitoring
  • Emergency notification
  • Emergency signaling
  • Fire alarm control panels
  • Heat detectors
  • Horn/Strobes
  • Inspections
  • Keypads
  • Kitchen hood monitoring
  • Mass notification
  • Permits
  • Plan design
  • Pull stations
  • Smoke detectors
  • Sprinkler system monitoring
  • Voice evacuation
  • Water flow monitoring

We can assist you in selecting the best alarm system, components, and maintenance plan for your commercial facility and its inherent fire hazards.

Fire Alarm System and Sprinkler Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring guarantees that a fire alarm signal won’t go undetected, reducing the risk of property damage. The Patriot Fire Protection professionals can monitor your facility’s alarm and sprinkler systems for fire 24/7 to give you additional peace of mind.

We can engineer your system to send specific information about the alarm directly to our UL listed monitoring station. Alarm information and facility details are available in seconds via computer, and our certified live operators immediately notify emergency agencies and your company’s designated representative. Wireless monitoring systems are also available.

Our operators watch for alarm signals including but not limited to:

  • Alarm activation
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire pump signals
  • Sprinkler flow alarm
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Suppression and special hazards systems
  • Suppression system discharge
  • Tamper/supervisory trouble

Benefits of Fire Alarm System Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

Regular inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire alarm systems is vital to supporting a system’s peak operation. Damaged or obstructed components can cause a system to fail during the moment it’s needed most.

Some of the many benefits that result from regular system upkeep include:

  • Decrease in false alarms
  • Insurance rate discounts
  • Risk reduction/liability protection
  • System integrity and operational guarantee

Building owners hold the important responsibility of meeting and documenting code requirements like annual (or more frequent) system inspections and testing. Untested or inadequately maintained fire alarms and extinguishers can lead to horrible consequences including loss of life or property.

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